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Top 5 backlink Manager software (sickseo.co.uk) Building Software

Link building is an essential element of SEO, and it will help you improve your ranking and drive visitors to your website. It's difficult to find good links without the proper tools.

This is where backlink building software can be useful. These tools will help you automate your outreach and search for new link opportunities.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a powerful backlink-building program that will aid you in monitoring your website's performance in SEO. It comes with a comprehensive feature set that includes keyword research, linkbuilding, rank tracking reports, and on-page SEO.

It also allows you to study the keywords of your competitors and analyse their strategies. This will help you to find the right keywords for your site and help you avoid common errors.

The backlink analysis tool provides 360-degree views of your link profile. It will reveal what anchor texts you're using, the location of your backlinks and their Page Trust value. It can also check if your domains have any issues that may affect your ranking.

The monitoring of page changes is another helpful tool that allows you to keep track of changes to your website pages. This feature isn't present in other tools and will help you save money.

It also has a simple interface and it is compatible with a wide range of computers. It also has a friendly customer support team that offers chat and email assistance.


Linkio is a website backlink checker that can help you determine the best profile of anchor text to help your SEO efforts. It will also show you which anchor texts to create next, in what order and provides percentage targets for each one based on your preferences or competitor data.

The setup process is surprisingly easy. It can connect to your Ahrefs account and import bulk your existing backlinks. It monitors automatically for new backlinks, and then imports them to keep your data current.

Another important feature is that Linkio can reveal what of the 13 different anchor text types makes up an ideal backlink profile. It allows you to create custom percentage targets based on your preferences, our presets, or competitor data. Additionally, it offers a guideline to reach these targets.

The tool is very simple to use, and it can automate many aspects of link-building campaigns including outreach to bloggers who are cold and monitoring backlinks. It's team-friendly and allows an unlimited number of users and multiple email accounts for inbox rotation.

It also provides a report for broken links. This crawls Google starting on page 1 and discovers broken anchors and dofollow tags. It can then send you a request to replace the link with one of your own, or it can create an disavow file to send to Google.


Dibz is a tool on the web which assists you in finding many opportunities to link your website. It features a variety of search and filtering functions that are intuitive in managing data and powerful research types that can assist you in simplifying the process of building links.

It also includes a spam algorithm that can aid in removing low-quality prospects from your list. The tool can be integrated with Ahrefs that will provide you with data on links like DR, PR, backlinks, and referring domains.

This software is a great choice for those who want to get the most of their link prospecting campaigns. It comes with a variety of pre-set custom questions that can be used to cut down your time and get the best results you can for your campaign.

The interface is user-friendly and simple to navigate. It provides a variety of filters , including local citations, resource websites, giveaways, donations and reviews.

It is a tool to help you identify quality blogs and websites that are relevant to your niche and will help to build your brand online. It can also be used for tracking the progress of your link prospecting campaigns. It also has a variety of price options, including free trials.


Awario is a listening tool for brands that monitors all kinds of online conversations in order to discover mentions of your brand's keywords and products. This allows you to reach your audience quickly and influence their opinions on social media.

Awario can also aid you to create backlinks. You can track the mentions of keywords or products and search terms in any language on the Web and in any place.

You can filter your searches with negative keywords and set alerts for mentions that are significant. This way, you'll save time and focus on the mentions that are relevant to your company.

Awario also monitors users' locations. This allows you to target the right people at the right time and increase conversions.

Awario provides more than just keyword tracking. Awario Leads is a lead generation tool that tracks posts that ask for recommendations for similar products to yours, or complaints from users about your competitors. This feature is perfect for social selling and generating leads.

Awario provides a free trial to test the software. You can also check out its pricing plans to determine which ones are suitable for your needs. The Starter plan allows you to monitor three topics and receive alerts for 30,000 mentions per month. The higher plans however offer reports that can be shared and export data.


SERPChecker, a link building software, helps you analyze your site's SEO performance. It comes with a variety of features, such as keyword analysis, local SEO optimization, and rich snippets of information.

This tool lets you see which keywords drive the most traffic. It also gives detailed backlink profiles. It lets you monitor the rank of your site and track changes to page rank.

Another great feature of this tool is its capacity to inform you when your backlinks are changing. This tool lets you find out if your links are changing and even remove them if you need to.

Its Unnatural Link Detection tool is able to identify domains with a questionable link profile and Domain Profile Influence shows what percent of your backlinks are from authoritative blogs or websites.

Additionally, it offers many other features like link recovery, monitoring keyword rankings and fighting negative SEO with disavow the practice, and conducting competitor research.

Mangools SERPChecker is a customizable interface that provides a variety of SERP analysis data. It also features an SERP Features Impact score on a 1-5 scale, which helps to assess how likely it is that certain SERP features will reduce the possibility of clicking through to an organic listing.


LinkMiner is a backlink building software that helps you check the backlinks of any site and analyze them to determine which ones are worth trying to create. It comes with a variety of useful features that can help you save both time and money.

It can search for lost or new backlinks that are associated with a specific root domain, subdomain, or a specific URL. It also provides a variety of filters that help to locate and analyze the kinds of links you're searching for.

There are a variety of different backlink metrics that can be assessed using LinkMiner including CF (Citation Flow) or TF (Trust Flow), EL (External Links) as well as Link Power (Link Power), and HREF. It can also be used for assessing the quality of backlinks by looking at metrics such as Anchor Text and referring domains.

Additionally, it can help you identify opportunities to increase backlinks to your website by analyzing your competitors backlink profiles. It can also give you an extensive report on your website's backlink profile.

LinkMiner gives live previews of backlinks it discovers. This allows you to instantly decide if it's worth replicating. You can export the data to share with clients or save it as an CSV file to be used in the future.


Linkody is a simple-to-use and free backlink monitoring tool. It checks the hyperlinks on your website and then reports on their condition. It also comes with a tool to disavow that can assist you in removing dubious and spammy links that can harm your rankings.

Backlinks form the backbone of search engine optimization and are an essential part of any marketing campaign. It is important to keep track of your links so you can see if they are lost or gained, and also ensure that they're not negatively impacting your search rankings.

Linkody's dashboard is a great place to start, Backlink Manager Software as it allows you to monitor what's happening at a glance. It displays a list of all your links along with their current status and the option of grouping them by tags.

It also shows the DA of the domains where they are pointing and allows you to check their SEO metrics, for instance, Doman or Page Authority. It also helps you to see how your site's performance in a voice-based search.

Another feature that is great is the ability to create alerts that let you know when changes occur to your hyperlinks. This is extremely useful since it means you'll be able respond quickly and resolve problems before they affect your rankings.